The Bio

FullSizeRender-1My name is Kara. I’ve gone through a hard journey ever since my move to Philadelphia. It’s taken me a long time to get through it, and now I’m sharing my journey.

I’ve always loved food. I like cooking (although I’m not the best at it), and of course I LOVE EATING. I’ve never been extremely overweight, but it has been an issue. For me food was always a comfort, and sometimes that led to me eating too much… and obsessing about it too much.

I recently left an extremely high stress job. After about a year and a half of really intense depression, where I took medical leave because of my condition, I decided to leave to make sure I stay mentally healthy. It’s a long journey, and the anxiety just doesn’t go away. But I did learn one thing, dieting wasn’t the answer for me. The fixation on food made it worse. And when I was fighting depression, I couldn’t exercise, which also left me without much energy. It was a viscous cycle.

When I started this blog it was about eating “healthy.” That is low-calorie foods and eating as little as possible. Now, I want my blog to be about getting truly HEALTHY… mentally and physically. I’m working on having the energy to cook more, and when I do I’ll share. I still want to post easy-to-make recipes to help inspire people to cook at home.

IMG_1431I’m also just trying to exercise how I can. A friend of mine is encouraging me my being my yoga and running partner. It’s all a work in progress.

Hopefully this website will help you as much as it’s helped me.